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Joseph Bower, Care Manager of Martlets Care (whose profits support the Martlets Hospice), reviews the new rules on social care in England.

1. The Care Act is a new law that brings together all the previous legislation related to social care. It tells councils across England what they need to do if someone has social care needs and needs support either in their own home, in other types of housing, or in a care home. The Care Act applies to England only.

2. The Care Act changes the rules about who qualifies for support from the council, and the rules about charging for care. It gives people the right to have their care reviewed when they feel this is necessary, or to challenge decisions about their care.

3. If you fund your own care, from April 2016, the Care Act introduces a cap on how much you need to pay towards your own care in your lifetime. When your care needs reach a level where you would qualify for support from the council, the amount of money required to meet those needs should be tallied up in a ‘care account’ from then on. To get a care account, individuals must have a needs assessment by their local council.

4. During your needs assessment, the social worker must talk to you about whether you are able to do certain things. These include activities such as:

–       having your home clean and safe

–       having enough contact with other people

–       preparing and eat food without help

–       using local services, like get to the shops

–       caring for a family member

You are able to have a friend or family member with you at the assessment.

5. To arrange a needs assessment, please email or phone 01273 295555.