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Thanks to CRM and other technology, any business small or large can gather the data it needs to offer a tailored service to every customer. Here are a few tips.


  • Maintain your database. It sounds simple, but your database is your strongest asset for any personalised campaign. It is also crucial to ensure that your CRM system enables you to report in the right way, otherwise your database will be obsolete.
  • Make sure your marketing team is still in charge. Some personalisation technologies put too much emphasis on automation and not enough on human decisions. It’s essential that marketers can make a change to an offer or override a particular promotion in response to customer behaviour, without having to go through a complex IT process.


  • Forget to follow through the personal experience. There’s no point in sending out a personalised marketing email to make your customer feel special if you then direct them to a standard homepage or landing page where they no longer feel recognised and can’t see the products that attracted them in the first place.
  • Forget to make your website feel familiar to your customer. A website should feel welcoming and be consistent with any other interaction customers have had with your brand. People now expect to be greeted by name if they are a returning customer, with bespoke experiences as standard.