“The care industry is always going to be challenging but Russ has given us the benefit of his expertise within our sector to explore new ways of raising our brand awareness and promoting our strengths to help us overcome the obstacles we face.”
Kelly Freestone, Director, Elite Choice Home Care, Sayers Common

“Russ Bryan has been undertaking marketing activity for Martlets Care for just under two years. Within that time he has increased the visibility of the agency in our geographical area. He has made improvements to our website, and has also assisted with business development and recruitment by setting up a job fair and various other events in the area. Within the time that Russ has been outsourced by Martlets Care, we have seen an increase in the amount of net profit that is then used to fund the hospice. We had a record month in April 2014, where we achieved over £17,000 in net profit.”
Joseph Bower, Care Manager, Martlets Care, Hove 

“Russ has been working for Martlets Hospice and Martlets Care for almost two years. He devised a well-conceived marketing strategy and has been very successful in delivering that strategy. Russ takes a very hands-on approach to his work, happy to roll up his sleeves as part of our team. He has a good working knowledge of the care industry and can write proficiently on the subject.”
Caroline Lower, CEO, Martlets Hospice, Hove

“Russ hosted a Story Development Workshop with us, to generate ideas that would publicise our data archiving software, Exact Ark. He came up with some very creative themes that he then developed into a series of opinion pieces. His team then placed these articles in the asset management media, including a major piece in Funds Europe magazine (a top publication for us). Russ understands the financial software industry well and can create excellent content with minimal involvement from the client.”
Paul Sinclair, Director, Exact Financial Systems, Haywards Heath

“Russ designed and conducted an extensive programme of research with our whole client base and then delivered some crucial, practical insights, which are shaping our entire business strategy.”
Nick Belton, Managing Director, Beltons Public Accountants, Steyning

“I would like to thank Russ for his expertise in redefining the marketing profile of Clandon Regis Golf Club and in crystallising the major selling points in attracting new members. This has helped us to focus on what are the major benefits of joining our club. In particular the recent article that Russ wrote and was able to place in the local newspaper, ‘The Surrey Advertiser’, encapsulated in a succinct manner the positives of joining a club such as Clandon Regis.”
Alan Jenkins, Chairman, Clandon Regis Golf Club, Surrey